There are loads of different reasons for downsizing and moving to a smaller property, have the kids moved out? Or have been struggling with the upkeep of cleaning too many rooms?

Downsizing is exciting, as it can allow you to have a much simpler life moving forward. But it can also be daunting, as you may have to reduce the amount of possessions you can take with you. You will also have to financially prepare for the move and understand how the move will affect your lifestyle.

Declutter Your Existing Home
You will have to take part in a great deal of decluttering and ordering to be able to fit your everything into your new home. Here is everything you need to know about clearing out clutter, and ensuring your new home has efficient storage space.

Make money whilst decluttering
I bet you underestimate what people will pay money for; one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. There are loads of apps available that allow you to be able to sell your stuff for free. Ask a family member to help you list anything you’d like to sell. You have nothing to lose, and it could be money in the bank.

Throw away broken things
We all do it. Keep things that we don’t really need, we get it. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get rid of it if it is broken. Or do you have that drawer of broken bits and bobs that you swore that you would fix? That was years ago wasn’t it… chuck it in the bin. You no longer need that burden.

Kitchen Appliances
Often as we go through life we end up picking up all sorts of gizmos and gadgets that are supposed to make our life better. When you think about it, what are your most commonly used items in the kitchen? Those two decent knives, a chopping board, a couple of saucepans, a frying pan, and those baking sheets. The fancy stand mixer looks lovely on the side, but when did you last use it? Consider selling it or donating it before transitioning to a smaller home.

Maximise Space
In your new home, there will be a few ways that you can ensure that your home looks cosy and not cluttered. Think about ways to get things off of the floor and up away in storage. Think about the footprint of furniture, and how much room you and your family have to live and move around your new space.

Kitchen Storage
There are loads of handy ways that you can maximise your kitchens efficiency and ensure that you are using all of your space as best you can. Think about using hooks on the underside of shelves to hang mugs. You can do the same with spices in jars with the lid glued to the bottom of the shelf. Think about an exposed rolling cart with your most commonly used items in, so that they are accessible at all times. Have your cupboards divided into different storage boxes, so that you can easily ascertain where to put certain items. Save counter space by adding wall-mounted or hanging racks.

Multifunctional Furniture
To best utilise your space, is with multipurpose furniture, it is a great way to make sure that you can have extra guests over when you need to. It may cost a little bit more money but having a sofa bed in the living room can give you great peace of mind when a guest is coming over to stay. Lift top coffee tables can be used as a desk or dining table for small meals and can be used as a storage compartment.

Multifunctional lighting can also be used, wall mounted lights can ensure that surface space is free of lamps. Using mirrors is a great way to create the illusion of space and can bring more natural light into your rooms.

We hope these tips will help to maximise your space if you plan to move to a smaller home.

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