Many homeowners are putting their houses on the market in the New Year because there is an advantage to selling during the winter.

Most people think that winter is the worst time to sell your home, but in fact, those looking to buy a house in the New Year are usually far more dedicated buyers that need to move quickly.

There are many reasons why people are more dedicated buyers during the winter. In many cases, people need to relocate for work when starting a new job or be closer to an elderly relative that needs taking care of. So, selling your house in the New Year is a great time to find a dedicated buyer.

New year spike in sales

Although spring and summer are the most popular time of year to attract viewings, there is a noticeable spike in demand for new homes in the first few weeks of the New Year.

Many people looking to make a change or a fresh start and are more open to moving home and getting settled before the summer so they can save up for a few months for a summer holiday.

Buyers looking for a new home in the New Year are also keener to move quickly to complete the sale and move in. This can be great for you as there will be no waiting around, especially if you have found the perfect property to buy and don’t want to let it slip through your fingers.

Make the most of fewer listings

There tends to be fewer house listings during the winter when compared to spring and summer. This is great for you as there will be less competition out there vying for your house viewers’ attention.

Listing your property as early as you can in January will also attract the attention of those potential buyers that are still on their Christmas holidays and are spending more time browsing the property market.

Getting your house listed as early as possible will also give it the exposure it deserves. There is no need to wait until spring to attract viewings. If you are keen to sell up and move on, then listing in the New Year will attract buyers actively looking to move.

Preparing your property for New Year viewings

It can help to clear away as much clutter as you can, including taking down and packing away your Christmas decorations that may still be up in early January.

The best way to sell your home is to allow your viewers to imagine themselves living in your house. You do this by removing as much of your own personality as possible. Clearing away as much clutter as possible will also help to make your house look airier and more spacious.

It will still be very cold outside, so it will help to create a cosy and warm atmosphere for your viewers. Keeping the heating at a comfortable temperature will help, and as the quality of natural daylight can be poor in January, you can add some warm light with candles and standard lamps.

Clearing up after Christmas can also mean giving your walls and paintwork a good clean. Christmas decorations tend to leave behind sticky marks from blue tack and sticky tape, as well as grubby finger marks on walls and door frames.

If you had a real tree for Christmas, make sure you hoover up any pine needles that have fallen and walked around the home. Don’t forget to clean windows and glass doors to let as much natural light in as possible.

Look around your house for any last-minute repairs or cosmetic touch-ups you can make. If you spot some flaking paint, a cracked tile on the floor or a broken handle on a kitchen cabinet, get these little things fixed quickly before you start having viewings.

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