In a saturated market, standing out from what is a seemingly endless number of properties is essential to speed up the sale of your home. Winning the attention of potential buyers and drawing them into what your property has to offer will certainly help, but what are some of the key features of a home that are likely to entice prospective homeowners to make an offer on your property?
Combined with the marketing expertise of a quality estate agent, home sellers don’t need to break the bank to boost their chances of selling by enhancing features of their property that attract buyers. Here are a few of our top tips for making your home stand out from the crowd without spending a fortune.

Driveways, Decking and Patios
Most houses have them, so making them stand out is crucial for gaining an edge over the competition.
With driveways and patios, replace any cracked paving or brickwork which may give off the impression that they haven’t been cared for. It may also be worthwhile making sure any greenery and flowers at the front of the home are well kept giving the house a homelier feel.
After these improvements have been made, we suggest jet washing these three areas. Not only is jet washing extremely satisfying, but it also makes these areas far more attractive to potential buyers – turning old and rundown brick/rockwork into something far more eye-catching.

There may be no other room in our homes that we cherish and spend as much quality time in than our bathrooms. That’s why making sure your bathrooms are looking as good as they possibly can be is essential for attract potential buyers.
If your bathrooms are looking a bit dated, consider perhaps upgrading the taps or mirrors to something more contemporary. Making your bathrooms stand out may not require a large budget, but they should be nearing the top of your list for rooms to invest in should you wish to sell quicker.
Removing any damp from the bathroom should also be a priority, as this can be immediately off-putting to potential buyers – especially families looking to move in with young children.

Storage Space
Unless you’re living a minimal lifestyle, you likely have many cherished possessions taking up a lot of the space in your home. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, because they’re probably wondering where all their stuff is going to go if they decided to move into your property.
One of the best features of a home is its spaciousness, so showing off your homes storage space to potential buyers is likely to achieve a quicker sale. If your home lacks storage units, perhaps consider installing some cupboards or shelves to make it more appealing. Or if there are hidden storage areas in your home that aren’t immediately obvious during house viewings, make sure to point them out!

Carpets and flooring
As fixtures in the home which aren’t necessarily changed too often, carpets and other kinds of flooring throughout your home can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers, so making sure these are shown in their best light is essential.
Consider having carpets and floors professionally cleaned before taking any marketing/sales images or and in preparation of house viewings (should the property benefit from it). You may want to pay particular attention to the flooring if you have pets, as fur, scratches and other markings can be unappealing. It may not be worth going overboard in terms of budget for these areas (as buyers may wish to change them later) but be aware that a well-presented floor will certainly complement the rest of the homes features.

We hope our blog has given you some ides on how to show your home at its best! If you are looking to sell or just need general property advice, please do get in touch with us here.