Selling your home during autumn is a good plan because it is a popular time of year for new home buyers wanting to move in before Christmas.

With summer holidays out of the way, people spend the autumn focusing on Christmas and moving into a new home. Whether home buyers are looking for a larger property for their growing family or want to downsize after their children have left home for university, autumn is an excellent time to sell your house to hungry buyers.

This is also a great time of year for showcasing your home and marketing it to prospective buyers looking for a cosy and warm home for winter.

Here are a few valuable tips to help appeal to autumn home buyers this year:

Tidy and freshen up your décor

This is an important task no matter what time of year you plan to sell your property. Ensuring your home looks fresh and inviting with freshly painted walls and woodwork. If your paintwork isn’t too tired, then cleaning away any scuff marks and grime will give your skirting boards and doors a lift.

Getting rid of any worn carpets and rugs that can make your home look shabby is a good move. Remember to pack up and store away as much household clutter and children’s toys as possible.

You want your prospective buyers to imagine their own furniture and possessions in your home, so open up cluttered corners and remove heavy pieces of furniture that can make your rooms look overcrowded.

Spruce up the garden and outdoor spaces

Autumn can be a messy time for your garden. Trees and hedges start to shed their leaves, flowers die off, and planters start to look bare.

A tidy garden is a great selling point, so give the lawn one last mow, weed out all the dead flowers from your borders and sweep up any fallen leaves. You can still give your garden some autumn colour by planting up pots and borders with chrysanthemums and evergreens.

Now would also be an excellent time to jet-wash your patio or decking and cleaning the exterior of your conservatory if you have one. If you have a wooden garden shed, give it a clean and spruce it up with a lick of paint or wood stain to make it a desirable extra selling point.

Hanging baskets full of autumn colour can give the front of your house some kerb appeal. If you have the space, add a couple of tubs or planters to make your home more pretty and give a better first impression to viewers.

Maximise natural light

Although you may want to make your home look cosy and inviting to prospective buyers, you don’t want to make the space look dark and gloomy. Make the most of any natural light coming into your home.

Clean the windows and open up the curtains and blinds to let in as much sunlight as possible during viewings. If you are giving viewings after dark, make sure you light up your rooms to make them warm and welcoming. Add some extra standard lamps to brighten up dark corners so viewers can better understand the space available in your home.

The weather will also become chillier as autumn progresses, so make sure that you heat all of your rooms to a comfortable temperature at least an hour before viewings, and leave the doors open so all rooms can get a good airing.

It can help to ventilate your home by opening a window for a couple of hours before your viewings are scheduled but then close them an hour before visitors are due to allow the rooms to warm up to a comfortable level.

Autumn is an excellent time of year for homeowners to sell their property. If you want to market your home with us, do not hesitate to get in touch here.