Only 4 miles northwest of Charing Cross, Hampstead is quickly becoming the Bel Air of London. With more millionaires calling Hampstead home more than any other area of the United Kingdom, here are just a few more reasons why Hampstead is the perfect place to move to escape the hustle and bustle of city life!

Green, open spaces
Home to the famous Hampstead Heath, Hampstead has more than enough greenery to help you unwind after being suffocated by the concrete jungle of the city during the week. Whether it’s walking running, rambling or just enjoying a picnic, the gorgeous panoramic views of the city centre from Parliament Hill will never get old. Above Hampstead you will also find the Thomas Mawson designed Hill Garden and Pergola which is a 320-hectare expanse of secluded peacefulness.

Outdoor swimming spots
As well as 790 acres of meadows, woods and gardens, Hampstead isn’t short of a swimming spot or two to help you cool off on a hot day either. The river Fleet holds all sorts of delights for locals from ornamental ponds to bathing ponds, and the men’s and ladies’ bathing ponds on the eastern perimeter of the heath are ideal for a fresh-air swim.

Culture and arts at your fingertips
You may think that living out of the big city means boring nights in and long commutes to get a bit of culture, but in Hampstead the opposite is actually true. Hampstead and the surrounding area is home to all sorts of cultural attractions such as:

  • Freud Museum – a museum dedicated to Sigmund Freud located in the house where he lived with his family during the last year of his life.
  • Keats House – a museum located in the house where Romantic poet John Keats once resided.
  • Kenwood House – a former stately home
  • Fenton House – a 17th century merchant’s house with a collection of early keyboard instruments, a walled garden, orchard, kitchen garden and sunken garden.
  • Burgh House – Housing the Hampstead museum, here you can find the world’s largest archive and collection of Helen Allingham’s work as well as temporary exhibits and permanent galleries dedicated to local history and culture.
  • Hampstead Theatre – a purpose-built theatre with an auditorium which seats 325 people and a studio theatre which seats up to 100 people.

Famous Neighbours
Steeped in history, a postcode in Hampstead will see you residing amongst celebrities both living and dead. You can’t walk more than a few hundred yards without seeing the Blue Plaques which tell you about the famous faces which used to frequent the area. The living celebs include the likes of comedian Ricky Gervais, writer John le Carré and musician Liam Gallagher, whilst the more historical residents included writer George Orwell, composer Edward Elgar, painter John Constable, French president Charles de Gaulle and the poet Keats.


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