I’ve been in property for almost longer than I can remember. In those early days you could buy a 2-bedroom flat in one of Highgate’s premiere roads for around £30,000 and a detached house in one of the best roads for around £150,000. Those were the pre decimal days when there were 240d (pennies) to the pound and we’d collect our sixpences (2½pence in today’s money) in a wired dimpled whisky bottle!

I was not what you’d call the perfect child. I used to take my mum’s car out when I was 13 picking up friends and driving to Hampstead. By the time I eventually plucked up the courage to tell my parents of my escapades, I’d reached the grand old age of 40! For my first job I earned £20 per week and after tax and paying my mother £6 per week, I could happily go out with friends, in some style, on what was left of my disposal income. Happy days! I left school at 16, something I have subsequently bitterly regrated. I went straight into estate agency and although I have done well throughout my career, one can never make up for the undiscovered friendships or the lost experiences of those formative years.

It was only when I left school that I developed a hunger for learning. That hunger has remained with me throughout my life and that, together with all the incredible experiences I have had throughout, I am happy to talk easily and confidently about many topics. The university of life has been kind to me. Although I started my career learning about residential property, circumstances allowed me to develop an interest in commercial property, offices, industrial estates, retail and even car parks.

After a number of years learning these completely new skills, I have represented and advised both vendors and purchasers on many substantial buildings both in The City, the West End, the suburbs of London and beyond. I’m now at an age where I know just a little more than the fresh-faced boy who left school at 16 but, apart from the ever so slightly less-youthful looks, I still have all his enthusiasm.

On a more personal note, I have three amazing children, a boy (30) and two girls (28 and 14!). I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends and a variety of interests and hobbies. Cooking, when time allows, is a particular passion of mine. In that search for eternal youth and yes, by probably going through some kind of midlife crisis, I decided to take my motorbike test. I didn’t tell anybody until I had passed. On sunny days the sense of freedom and sheer exhilaration of riding my Virago 750cc is quite something! As you might imagine, my family are less happy about it!

Throughout my youth I thought I knew pretty much everything. I look back and wonder how I could ever have thought that. Age makes us realise that the more we learn, how little we really know. Each new day of learning brings with it, its own adventures. I still love the thrill of meeting new people, making new friendships and being valued for providing advice over a broad spectrum of property issues to the multitude of clients we represent.

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