If there is one thing your growing family needs, it is more space. The search for your next family home not only needs to have more elbow room, but it also must be able to function in different ways as your family grows up.

You need to consider a few things before you jump in and buy the first house you see. These include making sure your new home will be adaptable and as family-friendly as possible for the coming years.

Things to look out for in a potential new family home include:

1: Space to grow
Modern family life is busy, so giving your children enough space to grow and develop their personalities with plenty of room for their own possessions and breathing space from their siblings is essential.

The space you need to accommodate a toddler is very different to that of a teenager. Think about the size of the bedrooms you will need for your children for the next ten to fifteen years. A small box room may be OK for a toddler for a couple of years, but it will soon grow too cramped for a larger bed and all the wardrobe and storage space you will need for school uniforms, sports kits, coats, shoes, games, toys, and computer equipment.

2: Indoor and outdoor storage options
Families accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ over the years. This means you will need a new family home with plenty of built-in storage space – or the ability to add more. A small garden may be easy to maintain, but if you cannot fit a garden shed to safely store away bikes, scooters and outdoor play equipment and allow enough space for your kids to play, then a property with a more extensive garden will be a better idea.

Many modern family homes have a driveway to park your cars rather than a garage. Buying a house with a garage attached will give you more storage flexibility. Even if you don’t use the garage for a car, the extra space can help bulky store items like bikes and sports equipment.

3: Open plan layout
Choosing a family home with an open-plan layout will allow you to use the available floor space better. You will have more flexibility over how you use your rooms and the freedom to swap things around in the future. You can also keep an eye on your kids in one room while you work in another.

You could have an open-plan kitchen and dining area with a dining table and chairs with highchairs for your baby and toddler for a few years. You can then swap this out for a more relaxed and informal eating area with sofas and a low coffee table for when they are older.

4: Family-sized Garden space
Having a large garden for your children to play in is a must. More outdoor space also allows you to set out the patio furniture and comfortable loungers for a chilled-out time while your children play.

Child-proofing the garden is essential to keep them safe, so check that the garden is spacious, functional and can be secured to reduce the risks of accidents and falls. High fencing and gates will help keep them from running out into the road, and netting or filling in garden ponds will also help reduce risks.

There are other things to consider, such as if the house is in a good school catchment area and has good access to local shops, public transport, parks, and green spaces. But as you will be spending most of your family time at home, ensuring your next family home will serve you well for many years will be a priority.

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