We’ve spent quite a lot of our time in our homes, and this could prompt us to think of moving to somewhere bigger or even downsize, etc. But, before you sell up and move to a new place, think of how you could improve your current home to get the best price.

Here are a few DIY things you could do.

Start Small
Small tweaks can also add value, it doesn’t have to be a huge remodel. Making sure your property is clean and everything looks fresh can help a lot. So, repainting any run-down walls, doors, or units. Resealing in the kitchen and bathrooms. Get any cracks, loose tiles, etc. fixed, viewers may try to look at all these small details and try to get a better price.

Fix Up Any Spare Space
People moving this year is mostly for extra space. If you have a spare room then you need to use this space wisely. Don’t use it as a junk room but instead either leave it empty for the viewer to imagine what to do with it or have it as a desk room, utilities, etc.
Also, loft space is appealing as well so showing them this space will help a lot.

Kerb Appeal
First impressions are a huge thing and if the outside looks great the inside should look even better. A fresh coat of paint to the front door, fixing and broken fences or gates, killing any weeds growing in the drive, and planting fresh flowers will entice viewers from the off.

Be Energy Efficient
Everyone wants to be environmentally friendly. Having some green features could be a huge added bonus. Swapping light bulbs out for energy-saving ones, stopping drafts, and installing some insulation to your home can help make it more efficient.

Boost Your Bathroom
A clean and fresh bathroom is a great selling point, as one of the most expensive rooms to get redone, making sure it’s as clean and as hygienic as possible will ease the worries of viewers.
It doesn’t take too much money or effort to remove limescale, reseal or regrout showers, baths, and sinks. But by only doing these small things you could really up the appeal of the bathroom.
Replace the shower curtain, adding a glass screen and a mirror can do wonders.

With these few tips, you can get your home looking its best in no time and get the best price possible when you market your home for sale.

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