First impressions are always important, and the outside of your house could easily attract or push away a viewer just as much as the inside can. With the sun out and longer days in spring, people are coming out to view properties.

Making sure you have good kerb appeal will help you stand out from the competition.

Revamping the Front Door
Your front door makes the biggest statement before entering the home. You can improve your front door simply by giving it a fresh lick of paint and using a metal polish to get rid of any rust and dirt spots – this will leave you with a nice, uplifted entrance to impress potential buyers.

Home’s Exterior
Touching up the exterior of your home can work wonders. Just fixing cracks, or repainting will be beneficial. If the exterior of your home is quite old and run down it can be off putting to buyers. Especially in spring when the sun is out, and you can see everything more clearly.

Re painting and fixing any window frames will also bring more life to the property. It may seem small, but viewers will look at every inch of the property including window frames.

Tidy the Drive/Front Garden
During winter, a lot of people tend to stop maintaining their gardens until it gets a bit warmer, but this can mean leaves gathering, dirt and debris festering and weeds overgrowing. Using a power washer to clean the drive and get rid of any dirt and leaves can be a simple way of giving your drive a little TLC. Mowing any grass, investing in weed killer, and planting some bright and fresh plants in your front garden can bring a nice atmosphere suitable for a spring property sale.

Fix Fences, Gates, and Gutters
If your front gate is off its hinge or doesn’t lock properly it can give viewers the impression straight away that the property hasn’t been well maintained. By fixing or repainting these simple things, it can help make a great a first impression and help improve the value of your home.

By doing these simple tasks you’ll be on top of your kerb appeal and create a great first impression to anyone viewing your home.

A Word of Caution
Consult your agent before undertaking anything other than the most minor decorating or improvement works. We know that the intention is to make a property more saleable or even, more valuable. However, decoration or improvement works aren’t always cost effective and it is important to understand what will or what will not make a difference. There are occasions when doing nothing may be your best option.

If you are looking to sell and need property advice, please do get in touch with our team here.