Everything looks just a little bit nicer in the sun. The gardens are neat, the flowers have bloomed and It is a colourful time of the year and an even better time to sell your home.

Here are some easy ways to try maximising the sale price of your property.

Know your target market
It’s not always easy to pigeonhole a buyer “type” and sometimes even the most unexpected of people will show interest. However, it is sensible to look at which category of buyer is likely to show the most interest. Knowing this will make it easier to make small changes around the property and also make it easier for a buyer to imagine what living in the property will be like. Will a young family buy it? Or young professionals?  The team at Day Morris are more than happy to give you some advice.

De-clutter and neutralise
When potential buyers view your property, they always have the mindset of ‘how am I going to live here’. This is why a neutral space can do wonders. It is best to avoid displaying too many personal items such as photos since they can be a distraction making it harder for them to visualise themselves living there.

Painting can be a great way to tidy up walls, doors, and window frames but there are also occasions when this is really not necessary. Allow us to advise you. Make sure everything is put away or has a “place” or is thrown away/donated. Clutter suggests a lack of storage and detracts from the visual appreciation of the space.

Deep clean
The home needs to smell fresh and look like it has been well taken care of. A spring clean can do wonders for your property and buying some fresh flowers or incense will give the home a calm and pleasing atmosphere.

Valuation and selling price
You should get two to three valuations from different agents. Valuations are only a guide, and obtaining the best price will normally only be known once the property has been well marketed. Of course, the property valuation and agents selling fees are important when choosing an agent but your choice of which agent, should initially be based upon which one you feel you can work best with and who will best represent your interests.

Day Morris are here to help with your property valuation and any other property related queries you may have.

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