When properties are first introduced to the market, sellers often go through great lengths to prepare their home to a high standard in anticipation of house viewings. All fixtures freshly dusted, floors polished, carpets hoovered – the lot. But as time goes on, some sellers find viewings become less and less frequent as the initial hype dies down. This can be demotivating, resulting in owners taking less care in maintaining their property for viewings as the thought of selling becomes less exciting.

Through our years of experience, we have witnessed the power of maintaining a high standard of preparation before and during house viewings – often resulting in happy sellers closing a deal for their desired price. Consistency is key when it comes to property viewings as they are arguably one of the most important stages in the selling process. To help you sell your house quicker, we’ve put together five tips to ensure a perfect house viewing for your property every time.

Make a Pre-Viewing Checklist & Box of Essentials
Put together a checklist of everything you need to do just before a viewing starts. Points on this list may be to make sure lamps are on, candles are lit, photo frames/ornaments straightened up etc. Anything you can think of that can be done within an hour before the viewing. The points on this list should not be major – but they will instead help paint the whole picture for your house by making it as presentable and cared for as possible.

Along with this checklist, put together a box of essential items you need in preparation for a house viewing. For example, in this box you may want to include fresh bed sheets and towels which you could quickly swap out before and after viewings, in addition to perhaps a lint roller and an air freshener (especially if you have pets!). Having all these items in one place makes it easy to unpack and set up quickly for a house viewing, and to put away once it’s done – ready for the next one.

Flaunt Your Floor Space
The amount of floor space on show is key when it comes to impressing prospective buyers and increasing your chances of making a sale, as its often the first thing a viewer will judge when they enter a room. As there’s rarely ever too much space in a room, one of the best ways to impress someone viewing your property is to show off the wealth of floor space each room has.

The best way to achieve this in a short time frame is to declutter by removing all loose and non-essential items from a rooms floor space. Grab a basket or box and do a quick sweep before the viewing begins and store these items out of sight from the viewer. In doing so, you’ll be able to show off the space they can utilise and make their own – should they wish to buy.

Have Answers Ready
Without sounding as if you are reading off a script, we recommend preparing a list of selling points for each room that you can revise before the viewing. This will help ensure you do not miss anything during the viewing and save you kicking yourself afterwards for forgetting to mention anything which would have perhaps increased your chances of getting an offer.

One positive of having multiple house viewings is being able to learn from them and improve on the next ones. If you are frequently being asked about a specific feature from viewers, note this down along with other frequently asked questions. Having responses ready for these is ideal, as you do not want to stumble on a difficult question mid-way through the viewing. Answering questions without confidence could be a red flag for a potential buyer, so make sure you prepare to the best of your ability.

Distance Kids and Dogs from the Property During Viewings
Despite being a nation of dog-lovers, we all know that there are certain times where their presence can be a disruption. A house viewing is one of these times where they may be better off kept away for a moment whilst you show a prospective buyer around.

Dogs can get excitable around new people, and whilst they may be showing their love and welcome – it can be difficult to juggle this during a house viewing were selling the property is the priority.

This may also be equally applied to young children who may be potentially disruptive during a house viewing. Not only will having a toddler pulling at your leg be distracting as you try to remember your list of selling points, but it can also be awkward for the person viewing. Of course, if a viewing is booked at the last minute, it may be difficult to get the dog or the little ones out of the house for a moment. Having a plan ready will help, so try your best to make arrangements in advance during the house viewing stages if you have young children or pets.

Start and End on its Best Qualities
Getting the viewing off to a great start and leaving them smiling at the end is one of the key components for a perfect house viewing. Of course, it’s unlikely the prospective buyer will love every single feature in the house, but by showing them what you feel may not be the properties strongest features in the middle body of the viewing will give you time to talk it over with them and answer any questions without rushing.

However, remember to allow room for viewers to take the property tour in their own direction should they wish to do so. If you guide them around the property in a way which does not allow for some candid viewing, then you may run the risk of appearing as if you’re hiding something. It’s best to play this by ear – but generally aim to begin and end on the properties best features so you can start and end on a high.

If you are looking to sell, we can take care of house viewings for you! Our expertise could save you from the stress. So, get it touch HERE to arrange a valuation.