It’s moving day! You might be feeling a little uneasy about the mammoth task at hand but don’t worry, our tips should help your move go smoothly.
If you prepare, your moving day can be a stress-free one! You can close the door of your old house and head towards your new home.
What can you do on the big day to help things run smoothly?
Here are five tips to help you have an easy and enjoyable removals day.

Pack the car
Prepare what you will need to take in the car with you and leave it in a main room. You don’t want to leave anything in the car overnight, however, planning what you need the night before will enable you to load the car easily in the morning. Keep important documents you need and any valuable items with you.
Be secure
Moving day can be risky. You’ll probably have your windows and doors open and lots of people coming in and out. It’s an idea to secure any valuable items away from public view and if you can, keep them with you. Maybe ask a friend if you can keep them at their house in advance of the move to help eliminate the risk of them being stolen or getting lost.

Get help from friends
Friends come in handy on moving day and the more friends you get to help, the less stressed you’ll feel. It can be hard when you have a removals company coming and going from your home and taking all your possessions. Having friends with you to help you feel safe and more at ease should help make the day go more smoothly. They will also be able to help with the children, loading the car, or just being there as that support you need if you feel a little overwhelmed by things.

Pets not at home
Moving with pets will definitely make your job harder. You don’t want to complicate moving day if your pet reacts badly to the comings and goings. If you can keep them at a friend or family member’s house it should help reduce the stress for you but also, reduce the risk of your pet getting upset. Once you’re at your new house and have unpacked the main items, you can collect your pet and get them settled in.

Make eating easy
You should not be cooking and preparing food on removals day – there simply won’t be time. Make plenty of sandwiches the night before and take them with you. It will be much of the same at dinner time when you get to your new house. If you are very organised, make something you can reheat the night before, it will make things so much easier for you. Or better yet, get a takeaway! You’ll have less clearing up to do and you won’t need to find the box with your plates and cutlery! Pack the smaller kitchen items separately so you can make a drink when you arrive. Unloading your belongings is hard – you’ll probably need a coffee break before all the unpacking and organising starts.

We hope these tips will help with your house move. If you do need further advice or are looking for property in the area, you can visit our listings page here.