Any homeowner knows how quickly the housing market can change. If you are looking to sell, fluctuating house prices can make the process more difficult. So, how can you get the best price for your period home? A great way to do this is to add value by renovating.

How do you keep the costs down if you own a Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian home? A period property will have features that could be harder to replace or repair without damaging the history of the home.

Below we list some features you can easily renovate without breaking the bank.

The Front Door

An antique wooden front door with features like a large knocking handle, will add appeal to your home – try to repair instead of replace! Make sure the door is draught-proof, it has secure locks and is freshly painted, polished and treated.


As with the door, if you have timber windows repair them before you replace them. It will be more cost effective and will also keep the quality of your period home without the stress of having major work completed. The need to be well insulated so think about investing in double-glazing.

You can paint the window frames in a variety of colours without taking away from the look of the property. You don’t really want plastic or PVC windows as these wouldn’t match, and don’t last as long as timber frames.


If you want to change the look of your period property, a fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective way to do just that – lime mortar is great for exterior walls.

If you are looking to pain the interior, darker shades such as red and maroon, can give your property a classic feel. If you want a warmer feel, consider pastel shades in your period home.

Period fireplaces & radiators

A cast iron fireplace is very appealing and a great feature, it can also add more value to your property. If you are lucky enough to have the original fireplace, keep it in a good state of repair – even if it’s not in use.

As with fireplaces, cast iron radiators have the same appeal! Although they are more expensive to buy or repair, they can make a great feature in a main room, adding character as well as value.

If cast iron is not an investment you want to make, a heat-resistant coat of paint to your current radiators, can give the look and feel of cast iron without the expense.


A great way to give a vintage atmosphere to a property is with a good quality wooden floor. A very popular wood was oak in Victorian times. If your period property has a more modern floor, it could be hiding antique flooring underneath. If this is the case, you should think about refurbing the original floor.

For a cosy and warm appeal, keep the floor uncovered. Maintain it with a simple polish to keep the quality and aesthetic. Back in the day, more wealthy homeowners would have beautifully designed borders. A pattern around the edge is a great finishing touch, it can be added for little cost and will also add value to your period property.

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