Winter is here and most people are starting to feel the chill! Rising heating bills and the colder weather usually go hand in hand. We all want to feel warm and comfy at home, but high energy bills are not something anyone wants. However, if you make some simple changes you can save on your bills and still have a nice heated home.

Check out our tips below.

Firstly, get your boiler/heating system serviced, checked and flushed. Doing this will ensure your boiler is working efficiently and the internal system is clean, meaning your boiler won’t be overworking.

Making small adjustments to your thermostat can also save you money. Simply dialling it down by 1°C should save you around £70 a year and hopefully you won’t notice the temperature change. If you don’t live alone check the settings regularly – you don’t want a family member whacking the heating up when you’re not looking. Let the rest of the household know what you’d like it to be set to and ask them to respect that. Some boilers enable you to use a mobile device to control and keep track while you’re away from the home.

You can also do things to make your radiators efficient and save money too. Check you don’t have furniture against the heating, this will just block the heat. Don’t put wet washing on them either as this will block the heat too. Think about using thermostatic radiator valves, as these have a temperature settings on them. A thermostat is a more accurate temperature control than valves, however, they are better for individual room control.

You need to also make sure your home is well insulated! If your home has an uninsulated loft, you will be losing a lot of heat – make sure you have the right insulation in your loft.

Investing in draft excluders is another simple way to save money. You will be able to prevent drafts from any cracks in windows or doors. Correctly fitted draft excluders will assist with keeping your home comfortable and warm.

Having your curtains closed especially during the colder months can help save money – if you don’t have thick curtains it will be less effective.

Older, wooden, single paned or damaged double-glazed windows can let out a lot of heat. So, how do you reduce this? A simple tip is to use excluding tape or patches to cover gaps. If you are not able to get your windows fixed by a professional, a home repair kit will usually work as temporary fix.

A very simple way to keep your energy cost down is to wrap up! If you are feeling the cold, put a jumper on rather than turning the heating up straight away. Layering clothing should help to keep you nice and warm, make sure you have something on your feet too.

Electric blankets or heaters are another way to keep warm, however, these can be quite expensive to run! Maybe invest in a hot water bottle, boiling the kettle is a lot cheaper.

Lastly, consider changing your energy supplier. You may find a cheaper deal, especially if you have been with the same company for a few years – loyalty doesn’t always pay!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and find our tips useful.

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