Tenants tend to assume they can’t change things in a rented home because of their landlord, in reality this isn’t true. If you agree it with your landlord and don’t damage walls or furniture there are a few things you can do.

Artwork and Photos
Chances are the landlord may have had things hanging already, if this is the case then you can just switch the artwork out without creating damage. However, if they have not hung anything get permission from your landlord and once you move let them know, you’ll fill in any holes.

Artwork and photos are great to have around the house, they add that personal touch and pop of colour to a room.

Use Soft Furnishings
A lot of rented homes already provide curtains or rugs (if furnished), you can replace these with something that represents you more. They add all that extra style and homeliness without causing any damage to the property.

Just be sure to keep the original ones for when your tenancy ends.

Do not Forget Accessories
There are so many things you can buy to make your home look amazing. You can get lanterns or candles for a more romantic and cosy feel, or house plants to give some life and freshness to a room.

Also don’t forget mirrors, they can give off that illusion of more space and openness due to the reflection of light.

Personalise Your Outdoor Space
If you have a garden or balcony don’t be afraid to add your own style! You can get some fairy lights, plant some new bulbs, or get some potted plants. This can make the place look much more appealing and give you a nice spot to relax.

We hope these tips will help make your rental property feel like home.

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