As most people are staying at home, now’s a great time for you to give your outdoor space some TLC. Especially if you’re looking to sell in the next few months kerb appeal really helps and leaves a lasting impression on your potential buyers.

Give your front door a makeover
Your front door has to deal with really harsh weather conditions at certain times of the year. This can lead to chipped paint, scratches and squeakiness. A rundown door can really set a president for how your house will look.

Re-painting or replacing it can instantly bring life to your home. Giving the door a pop of colour or something that complements the exterior of your house can be inviting for buyers.

Maintaining a front gate is also important – getting it professionally cleaned or replaced if it’s rusty will definitely entice buyers.

You can replace or add door hardware too. Change a worn out or old doorknob, replace a broken doorbell or letterbox. These are all things buyers will appreciate, the less they have to change in a property the more likely they are to make an offer.

Add greenery
Placing some potted plants or adding some colourful flowers if there’s a flower bed in the porch can really spruce the area up. It can make the place feel fresh, clean and welcoming.

Also, killing any growing weeds and trimming existing bushes and plants will make buyers feel good knowing the place has been well maintained.

Adding accessories
Clean nay mats or treat yourself to a new one. Get some solar lights or install some motion lights at your door, this can add a level of sophistication to your property and even instil a calming atmosphere. Lights can also make people feel safe and keep your property more secure too.

Cleaning windows
Buyers don’t want to look at dirty windows, they want to know a property has been well kept. By cleaning the windows you’ll not only make the glass look gleaming, but it’ll allow for more light to come into the house.

Cleaning window frames is a must as mould and dirt can be stuck around the corners. Bringing the frames up to scratch and dealing with any loose frames can really help the property look more attractive.

Patios and driveways
Lastly, a good way to clean a driveway or patio is by using a power washer, this will make sure any trapped debris will loosen and clear away. Clear any weeds and cut back low or overgrown bushes too.

By following these tips you’re guaranteed to have the best kerb appeal on the block.

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