Moving can really impact your life, especially if you don’t like the neighbourhood. Here are some cool tools you can use to help you get the right knowledge before moving.

Crime Stats
The safety of an area is really important, especially if children are going to be living there, the national police force site is a good way to find out how many crimes have occurred on a given street and of what nature.

Air Pollution
Air pollution has been an issue in the UK, high levels can cause long-term health issues. If you check the government site Defra, it lets you see how polluted many areas are.

Noise Pollution
Its not just air that could cause issues, noise can cause sleep disruptions. If you check the Defra site it can also tell you about the closes noise hotspots near or in your postcode.

Neighbourhood Stats
The Office for National Statistics Neighbourhood Statistics site can give you a basic general list of everything in your neighbourhood, from crime to pollution, health, and wellbeing.

A lot of areas in the UK are prone to flooding especially now due to climate change and more frequent storms.
It’s always useful to know if your area is at risk and what you would need to do to prepare in that event. The Government’s Environment Agency website allows you to see how likely your area is to flood.

Building Development
If you call your local council, you can find out if the area has planned developments happening. Last thing you want is the moment you move there’s a new restaurant being built next to you.

The quality of schools nearby is vital for families, checking out where our children can go to school is really important and can save your children from stress.

The Ofsted site lets you check which schools are good and bad based on school performance.

Restaurants and Bars
The quality, type and number of local restaurants and bars can be an influencing factor. The site Squaremeal can help you check the quality of those places.
Having a vibrant local food and drink scene can be a sign of an up and coming area, however having it too close to home can be a bit of a disturbance.

We hope these tips help you find the best neighbourhood for your family.

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