If you’re selling consider the layout of your home, light is often overlooked and it’s an exceptionally key factor to consider as buyers will want a bright, light home. It’s a significant contributor to the general aesthetic of a home. So, if you’re wondering how to bring more natural light in, look no further; below are some helpful tips.

Use lighter colours
You should consider the use of light colour shades rather than dark block colours when selling. Removing dark block colours will reduce the amount of light being absorbed; using lighter shades will reflect the light around the room making it look bigger and more inviting to buyers.

Use lots of mirrors
Mirrors are a cheap and perfect way to increase light. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will send natural light bouncing round a room adding more light that previously would have been absorbed by the walls.

Window dressings
Avoid thick window furnishings such as heavy drapes. Instead, opt for furnishings such as shutters or blinds. If you’re not keen on that look, you could settle for sheer draperies, as they will absorb much less light in comparison to dark curtains. Thoroughly clean your windows and frames and open all window coverings when viewings are in progress, so you let the light in, you want potential buyers to think WOW when they enter your home.

If you have flooring with a polished finish (for example a wood, ceramic, or stone flooring), give it a good clean so it reflects natural light. However, if you have carpeted flooring in darker tones putting down a light-coloured rug is an easy way to spruce up a room and make it appear brighter.

Trim trees and shrubs
If there is greenery blocking your windows and doors consider trimming shrubbery and cutting down tree branches to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into your home. You also want the outside of your home to look clean and tidy as first-impressions really do count when selling and kerb appeal is a major selling point.

Install larger windows or doors
Advances in window manufacturing has allowed for minimal framework, ultimately resulting in more exposed glass. Although this is a more expensive option, it will definitely increase the amount of natural light in your home. If this is an option for you, bay, picture and bow windows have the largest impact.

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