This is the time that people tend to think about how to protect their homes from the upcoming winter season.

It is also wise to seasonally maintain you home, should you wish to sell in the future this will all add to the selling price.

Below are some maintenance tips to keep in mind this autumn.

Keeping Out The Cold

Check all windows and doors are properly sealed. By placing little paper pieces or running your finger around, you find where the drafts are. This can keep the heat in and even stop the overuse of the heating.

Make sure any exterior water pipes are turned off as this can cause pipes to freeze which can lead to flooding.

Get the boiler inspected and serviced. This will make sure everything is working properly by wintertime and you won’t come across any sudden problems.

Check the roof. The roof is often neglected but the last thing you want is a leak in winter. Especially if there are storms, this can cause debris to get stuck in the guttering and mould to appear.

Be Prepared

Replace all the batteries in your smoke detectors and check any other safety items that are in place. You want to make sure you are comfortable and fully equipped for any emergency situation.

Check on appliances, you want all your appliances in the kitchen and bathroom to be working efficiently.

These tips should help your home withstand a harsh winter with no hassle.

If you are looking to sell and need any property advice, please do get in touch here.